Warning Free Radicals

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Warning Free Radicals By Christopher A Chaplin for SCANASD SOLAR Centre Against Neurological Abnormalities price at time of release about $45. 00 quantity 999 999 artist Bonus 1000 ANU per each “Warning Free radicals” NFT piece. It’s entertaining, educational, it illustrates a great environmental social, medical and scientific dispute over safety. It Supports a man and start up organization dedicated to exposing awareness to the abstract aspects of reality. The Vampires want their open empire and have waged War World War Sun. There is nothing more valuable to symbolize the times than art that illustrates real facts of war. Freedom of speech has no value without affective expressions of knowledge. Christopher A Chaplin voice has been deleiberly blocked from humanity supporting his works sends a message against the evil forces that have underlined our institutions. Utilizing blockchain to preserve awareness about the harm EMF radiation and their free radical protons cause to your DNA and immune system gives us a great avenue to document the facts of the times in hopes of negotiating better opportunities to understand the problem and make solutions. I registered SCANASD as a Non Profit organization to spread awareness about the abstract aspects to mental health and frequency control. Our slogan ” Mental Health is Spiritual Compass Orientate with Supreme Ether” illustrates our understanding that we are at war and the battlefield is your Mind the access point is your body and the end goal is controlling what your soul desires. Help us stop stupid and put this NFt in your collection today. https://www.patreon.com/iamtruthawareness



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